Whether your child will attend just during holiday times, on a weekly basis or as a full-time student, theatre schools are more popular than ever and can offer children a whole lot more than just honing their acting skills. There are many ways in which your child could benefit from attending a theatre school.  Below are just some of the most obvious benefits to your child:

  • Their communication skills will be greatly improved.  They will learn how to convey more than their basic needs; to put across complex ideas, concepts and emotions.
  • They improve their concentration, and the ability to listen actively and stay focused.  This is invaluable in school as well as extra curricular activities.
  • They will learn co-operation.  Working as a team, they will learn to help each other, praise, encourage and criticize constructively.
  • Commitment is taught with the idea of being the best that you can be, and giving your all, for the good of others as well as yourself.
  • The schools teach children to develop sensitivity to the needs of others, learning how to be a valuable colleague and friend.  They learn to care for themselves and for those around them.
  • Confidence will increase, both emotional and physical.  They will learn how to channel their nervous energy positively, plus it will improve their physical co-ordination and posture.
  • As well as these life-enhancing skills, children will be able to learn a wide range of theatre skills: acting, singing, movement and performance techniques such as vocal projection, diction, improvisation, devising, script work and character building.
  • They will also learn backstage skills like stage design, costume, stage make-up, light and sound design.  They will learn how to work the front of house, box office and marketing for tickets and programmes.
  • The individual that emerges from theatre school will have poise, self-esteem and authority.  Their imagination will be stretched and enriched.  They will inspired and filled with a new confidence.