Higgins Day are providers of professional accounting services along with tax advice, income tax, corporate tax, etc. Higgins Day offer special help for new businesses to effectively manage company’s budget, tax and accounts.

Chartered accountants with over 35 years of experience

The founders of Higgins Day have obtained well over thirty five yrs of chartered accounting experience. The skills of our team are vast and as well as general accounting, we also provide taxing services.

Free initial consultations to design a tailored work plan

If you feel that you will be benefiting from the help of a chartered accountant, we provide free initial consultations. They are designed to enable you to outline the difficulty you’re facing with your finances issues and will help us to plan your financial future.

How we help?

At Higgins Day, we care about nothing more importantly than helping customers. We are offering a number of services to our customers which will enable them to keep their business as well run as it can be. Our accounting & tax services are including:

Business start up assist
Management service
Personal budget
Annual accounts
Companies budgets
Tax advising

Flexible appointments

If you’re having a busy schedule to deal with, which leaves you with a small amount of time to focus on your accounts & taking a detailed look at what’s going in and out, Higgins Day is right for you. Operating Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm & offering flexible times on a Saturday, we will be able to arrange an appointment that is mutually convenient which won’t get in the way of your schedule.

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Address & Contact

Our Address

19 York Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire. SL6 1SQ