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If your idea of exercising in a gym is bouncing around on a treadmill, or sitting yawning on an exercise bike then you’re not alone. It’s no wonder many people get bored when exercising. Crowded gyms and monotonous workouts with no plan often show little results for all your hard work.

CrossFit Maidenhead is different. Its based on the principles of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements and the goal is maximum results within the minimum time. Some of the set workouts are actually less than ten minutes, but because of the way the exercises are combined, they are extremely effective. Don’t think that you have to be some kind of superhuman to try it, in fact the more unconditioned you are the quicker you’ll see results. We have all abilities and ages from 5 (Two Kids classes per week) to 65, with everything in between.

Every session (maximum of 20 people per class) is fully coached and the hard work is done for you. You turn up and the coach will have your workout up on the whiteboards ready for you. The hour long session will include a warm up, mobility/stretch section and then a workout based on either strength and conditioning or aerobic fitness. This may include work with weights, kettle bells, gymnastic equipment, skipping, rowing or running. Everything is scalable to the individual, regardless of age, fitness or injury. EVERYONE gets a good workout. No mirrors, no gimmicks, just hard work and amazing results. We’re so sure it will work for you that after 3 three months, following our instructions you don’t feel and look better, you’ll get your money back!

In June we are starting Seniors Classes, we need 12 volunteers for 4 weeks of FREE training under an expert coach. You need to be 55 plus, and need to be medically cleared for gentle exercise by your doctor. There will be two, 45 minute workouts per week, fully scalable to every level of fitness, all you need to provide is a sense of adventure and be willing to give it a go. Is this YOU or someone you know? Let us know, contact Lee at:

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